TL;DR – The LinkedIn Version

Okay, here’re the basics:

I can write clearly, concisely, and engagingly about any topic with which I’m presented.

As a teacher of English as a foreign language I have a deep understanding of grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

I have excellent research skills and understand the importance of using legitimate sources.

My experience working both in the corporate world and for the federal government taught me time management, meeting deadlines and excellent communication skills. Meanwhile, my years of travel and living abroad have given me hundreds of unique experiences to draw on for topic ideas, content and perspective.

I’m familiar with AI, occasionally use it for research and generating ideas, but all my writing and content creation is my own.


Travel Writing and Content Creation

I’ve travelled to 30+ countries and lived in five on three different continents. Take a look through this site and you’ll see rather quickly that travel writing is a specialty of mine. Lists, narrative travel journal entries, practical travel advice, reviews; I’ve done a bit of it all and can do so for you and with a voice that is friendly, casual yet authoritative.

That said, I’m certainly not limited to writing about travel. As long as I feel I can do so effectively, I will consider writing about absolutely any topic, filling any gaps in my knowledge with thoughtful and effective research.

For the record, other specialties of mine include teaching—particularly teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL)—as well as book, movie and hotel reviews.

Editing and Rewriting

Maybe you’ve already written a few blog posts, or an article, or a short story, or a nice birthday card to your grandmother who is a stickler for proper grammar and will write you out of her hefty will if she spots a comma splice or run on sentence. Well, if so, shoot it my way and I’ll take a closer look at it, ensure it’s well crafted and interesting, grammatically correct yet still engaging, with exactly the tone and voice you had in mind. That goes for stuff you had ChatGPT or another AI write up for you, as well; I’ll infuse it with life and a human voice.

I have experience with narrative fiction, academic writing, articles and blog posts, as well as screenwriting and comic book scripts, and so can review and tighten up nearly anything you throw at me, including grandma’s birthday card.

Ghostwriting and Creative Writing

I’ve self-published several short stories and two novels—just for fun—so I know, writing can be difficult and scary. Ghosts can be scary, too. But put them together and you just might have a solution to your problem: a ghostwriter, like me.

So, maybe you actually haven’t written anything but you’ve got a great idea for a short story, a screenplay or even a novel.

We’ll talk over your project and I’ll help you put your ideas together, grow them into an outline—which I’ll write for you, if that’s what you want—and help develop the characters you’ve got in mind into people your readers will want to get to know and follow from page to page and chapter to chapter.

Or, then again, maybe you’ve got an outline but just don’t know how to turn it into an actual story. We can discuss it, work through it a scene at a time, and one chapter after another. Then I either guide you through your writing with constructive suggestions and rewrites, or I’ll just write it up for you. And, don’t worry, it’ll be our little secret; you keep all the credit.

I have experience writing horror, urban fantasy, crime thrillers, sci-fi, much of it tinged with humour, but I can help you with absolutely any genre.

What about ChatGPT and other AI tools?

Look, ChatGPT is a thing that exists and it can’t be ignored. You might be wondering, firstly, how you can trust freelance writers now that we can just plug a query into a website to generate a blog post or article. Or maybe you’re wondering why you should hire one of us at all, given the robot can do it for free.

Well, as for the first point, I’ll tell you this: I take pride in my work but, more importantly, I take pride in crafting and perfecting my own personal voice and style, as well as adjusting that voice and style to various projects and the needs of my clients—you. ChatGPT can’t do that and I wouldn’t want it to.

And that’s what I can offer that ChatGPT and the likes simply can’t: a unique voice, a unique style and, more importantly, experience. When I write about travel in, say, the Barisal region of Bangladesh, it’s based on my own experiences there. If I’m writing about a place I haven’t been to, I research it as though I’m going to visit it, based on the experiences I would like to have there. These are things no AI can do. You want something unique and authentic, not generic, and that’s what I—a human writer—can offer.

Now, do I ignore ChatGPT and AI entirely? No. It is a tool and a useful one. I use it for research, occasionally to generate ideas or organize my thoughts. I’ve even used it in the classroom. But my writing and the content I create is my own.

Let’s work together

An article about packing for a hike through Albania’s Accursed Mountains?

A blog post about using various forms of technology in the classroom?

A rewrite of your global review of Ben Stiller’s oeuvre?

A first draft of that short story you’ve always wanted to write, the one about the girl who discovers she is part of a long line of paranormal investigators but must first learn to be a good friend and daughter before she can ever hope to defeat evil ghosts and aliens?

Whatever your writing needs, reach out and I’d be more than glad to discuss your project. Especially the one about the ghost and alien hunting girl; that sounds pretty cool.