Welcome to Bangkok

Welp, that’s that, I guess, I now live in Bangkok.

I arrived just a touch over a week ago and since then, have explored, done some training and met a few fellow teachers, explored some more, found and moved into an apartment, still some exploring, and today I opened a Thai bank account.

So, yeah, after about five months of twists and turns and ups and downs and maybe even a few spirals thrown in for good measure, it seems to’ve finally happened.

Gonna keep this one short, but the next few posts will largely be about my experiences over this first week.

Let’s just say that Bangkok is a hell of a city, the kinda place where an entire family rides by on a scooter, narrowly avoiding a monk on a cellphone, and zipping by about a half-dozen food stalls in the space of a single block.

Anyway, more on all that jazz soon enough!