Baby Steps

Recently, I’ve begun submitting my writing to various markets, both online and in print. It’s still a new process, but I’ve enjoyed researching markets and formulating a “plan of attack” to best get my work out there and accepted.
Of late, I’ve been focusing primarily on writing and submitting short stories and, thus far, I have five stories out there, circulating among about a dozen markets. I have received a few rejections, but most of these have come from more established, pro-market sources (the big leagues) and so I see those rejections as testaments to my determination rather than reflections on my abilities.
And I have also had my first acceptance. It’s a small piece, simple and straight-forward but I’d like to think it could also be described as “lean and mean.” It was accepted and published on Weirdyear, a site that posts a new flash fiction story for every day of the year. My story appeared on the 12th of June, 2011.
You can visit Weirdyear here.
And you can read my story, The New Landlord, here.
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