Surviving Immortality

Montreal’s grim reaper has vanished and the people of the city are no longer dying.

Many Montrealers are elated by their new-found immortality, while others are terrified, but Roan Alten is plain confused when he is tapped to take up the reigns of the pale horse and bring balance to Montreal’s flat-lining mortality rate.

Now, Roan must deal with the other three Riders (“Horsemen” is an antiquated and undeniably sexist term), an increasingly curious girlfriend, and an inspired serial killer, all in the hopes of surviving immortality.

Like the works of Christopher Moore and Kurt Vonnegut, Surviving Immortality deals with serious topics in an irreverent way. At its heart, it is a comedy, but it doesn’t shy away from issues as dark and diverse as the reasons for and limitations of religion, the traitorous nature of old age and the unpredictability of violence. Often funny, sometimes frightening and always fun, Surviving Immortality is a fast-paced, action-oriented read that will appeal to those who enjoy a healthy dose of humour with their supernatural and vice versa.


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