Montreal Part Deux: The Quickening

I’d lived in Montreal years ago. At the time, I was all about movies. I had a respectable collection of VHS (like I said, this was a few years ago) and DVDs, I worked at a DVD store, and I even tried my hand at making a few short films.

I bought some equipment but built most of it, including a pretty cool DIY steadycam, wrote a script, and recruited a few friends to read the silly lines I’d come up with. Oddly, though I actually had an agent and was auditioning at the time, I rarely acted in any of these weekend productions.

If you’re interested, one of the shorts we created is available on You Tube. It features only one actor, my former roommate here in Montreal, and is titled “Frizz B.” We made it in about two days and before I invested in a proper mic.

So now, after a few months in South Korea and a few years in Ottawa, I have returned to Montreal and, though I am still a consummate movie viewer, I’ve traded script for prose and turned my focus to short story writing.

Montreal has just about everything one could ever want or need, especially for someone, like me, living so centrally (just off Maisonneuve, on the outskirts of The Village, for those in the know). However, I have not yet been able to find an English writers’ group in the city. If anyone in Montreal knows of a good one, or would be interested in starting one, do let me know. I’ve found that having others look over your work, offer advice and suggestions or even a different perspective, is of an absolutely incalculable worth to the editing process. And editing the work of others can be just as enlightening.

Anyway, to those horror lovers and wannabe writers of Montreal, if you’ve come across this post and want to connect, please do not hesitate.