Deer Lake: A Novel

Officially, Felix Prior died in a boating accident.

But Prior’s daughter, Tara, is convinced he was murdered, and hires Tad Pike, a Deer Lake local, to help her prove it.

Then there’re those who think something in the lake killed Felix—something big and hungry and seldom seen . . .

Deer Lake is a hilarious crime thriller along the lines of Jaws—if Jaws had been authored by Carl Hiaasen or Janet Evanovich and set in Quebec cottage country.


It includes a wannabe documentarian, a pair of semi-literate gun nuts, a billionaire who built his fortune on rubber reproductions of certain female body parts, a marble-mouthed reptile wrangler, a former lion-tamer turned TV star, and—oh, did I mention the possible lake monster?

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Here’s what people are saying about Deer Lake:

“This is a flat-out fun read and I look forward to more by this author.”

-Smashwords reader

“It’s a book I will defnitely read over again.”

-Smashwords reader

“This book [had] some funny spots that I had to share with my friends.”

-Smashwords reader

“I expected some pretentious, post-modernist crap, so this was a huge relief.”

—My girlfriend

“If only he had put this much effort into his school work.”

—My mom

“I bet he’s really handsome.”

—Your mom

Included with Deer Lake is a preview of my next novel, Surviving Immortality, available as of August, 2012!