A single event can derail even the simplest of routines

So, I gotta admit, I have not been doing so well with the whole blog post a day thing. And this actually goes for quite a few elements of the structure I built for myself over the last couple months.

It’s truly amazing how a single event can derail even the simplest of routines. A couple weeks ago, repairs in my apartment meant that I had to adjust my self-imposed schedule. I wasn’t worried: the necessary changes were minor and I consider(ed?) myself flexible and adaptable. Yet, it seems nearly every aspect of my routine simply crumbled in the face of this minor disruption.

Suddenly, my mornings weren’t as productive as I awaited the workers’ arrival, as though subconsciously abandoning my early day tasks rather than having them interrupted. Once the workmen began their labours, I retired to a local coffee shop instead of my usual workspace at my dinner table, but found myself accomplishing almost nothing.

Since then, I’ve yet to reclaim my groove. Granted, a few other distractions have come along, most related to dating—and so quite pleasant and welcome distractions, but none great enough to justify my continued lack of productivity, drive and willpower.

Still, at least I know, without a doubt, that I am capable of maintaining such a routine; I’ve done it once and can certainly do it again. That awareness is certainly key. But the knowledge that I can be so easily waylaid is a mite concerning. It tells me that willpower, determination, adaptability are traits I have to work on, strengthen and develop.

Anyway, I think a good step is to return to posting once a week, a task which demands relatively little of me but serves me on multiple levels, from concretizing my thoughts to providing welcome and valuable writing practice.

We’ll see how that goes…